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Honey is one of nature’s most wholesome foods. Whether you need bulk honey for Baked Goods, Sauces, Meats or packaged honey for Food Service or Retail use, we can select the right honey for your application, All of our honey is 100% pure Honey. Specialty and Organic Honey is also available.

Pure Honey is produced strictly by honeybees gathering nectar produced by flowering plants. Bees fly countless miles to gather nectar, fly it back to the hive, and transform it into honey.

A full strength bee hive of 40,000 or more bees will produce a surplus of about 80 lbs per year. Some years there will be next to nothing and other times perhaps 150-200 lbs. It is estimated that it takes about 80,000 miles of flight to produce a pound of honey!

The properties of honey are primarily determined by those of the nectar it originates from. Neither the bees nor the honey processor adds color or flavor to the honey, those properties come from the nectar. The bees only invert the sugar in the nectar and dry it down to a thickness that will allow it to keep without fermenting. In general, darker honey has a stronger, fuller flavor and light colored honey is milder in flavor.

Nothing is added to honey, you buy it just as it is when extracted from the honeycomb. That’s why you can buy honey of different floral origins, like clover, orange blossom, wildflower, tupelo or buckwheat. The list is nearly endless, though not very many are available separately. In food applications, honey has some very useful properties. It can give natural color and sweetness. It helps baked goods retain moisture and freshness.